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​​Land Clearing Services in Fairfax, VA

Whether you are looking to clear your land to prepare it for construction, or you simply need to maintain a small area in your yard, Woods Tree and Landscaping has you covered. We are the contractor of choice when it comes to residential and commercial land clearing projects in Fairfax, VA. Contact us today at 703-478-4704 for more information.

Land clearing projects involve the removal of trees, shrubs, stumps, or other vegetation in order to create a flat surface for construction. This process is necessary for the development of land that has been purchased for the purpose of building a home or business. If you recently acquired a new piece of property in Fairfax, VA, you will likely need to clear it from unwanted trees and other obstructions as soon as possible.

At Woods Tree and Landscaping, you can count on our team of certified land clearing experts to safely and efficiently remove all kinds of debris from your property. We have the skills, training, and equipment to work on all types of land clearing projects, from small jobs involving a few trees to large-scale land development projects.

Professional Land Clearing Experts in Fairfax, VA

Land clearing may seem like a simple task, but it actually requires a great deal of experience, knowledge, and skill. Here are some of the reasons why land clearing projects are best left to the professionals:

Safe removal of hazardous trees – If you recently purchased a property and discovered that it contains several dead or dying trees, you should not attempt to cut them off by yourself. These kinds of trees may look unassuming, but they could easily fall over and cause extensive property damage or serious injury.

Physically demanding – Land clearing is a physically exhausting task that involves picking up, moving, and carrying large amounts of debris. The average land clearing project can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks to complete, depending on the complexity of the project.

Prevents any damage – Professional land clearing companies have the skills and experience to prevent any damage to underground utilities before, during, and after a land clearing project. They also know how to work around any structures that may already exist on the property.

Proper waste disposal – Land clearing projects can generate a surprising amount of garbage and debris. At Woods Tree and Landscaping, we will make sure to dispose of everything properly and in accordance with local environmental regulations, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Protects the environment – When it comes to land development, the use of environmentally-friendly practices and procedures is always a plus. Working with a reputable company such as Woods Tree and Landscaping that uses green methods ensures that no damage will be done to any plants or animals that may exist on your property.

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Land clearing projects are generally large in scale, so having the right contractor for this type of work is essential. At Woods Tree and Landscaping, we take pride in having a team of highly skilled and experienced land clearing professionals in Fairfax, VA.

In addition to being fully licensed, insured, and bonded, we also adhere to strict occupational health and safety protocols to protect both our team members and valued clients. We also have a fleet of heavy equipment and trucks to accommodate all types of clearing projects, big and small.

Contact us today at 703-478-4704 to learn more about our land clearing services.

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