Fast-Growing Privacy Trees You Would Want for Your Yard

fast growing privacy trees

Having a sprawling backyard built for social gatherings is great, but sometimes, it’s nice to create an outdoor space for privacy and peace of mind. And the best way to achieve that is with a well-placed set of fast-growing privacy trees. 

Privacy trees are forms of tall or dense foliage that double as privacy screens, enhancing the beauty of your yard and shielding you from the view of passersby all at once. However, not every tree can provide these benefits. 

Our tree service experts in Fairfax, VA, at Woods Tree and Landscaping, will help you find the perfect trees and professionally plant them at an affordable rate. Below, we will start your search for the ideal trees for privacy by exploring four popular options.

1. Leyland Cypress

Leyland Cypresses are tall privacy trees that grow as high as 60 feet when planted in rows. On its own, a Leyland Cypress can grow as tall as 70 feet. These plants are best for spacious outdoor areas because of their immense height and width of 20 feet per tree. 

You won’t find a lower-maintenance or faster-growing option if you have the space for Leyland Cypress-centered garden privacy ideas. The Leyland Cypress reaches peak height quicker than most other evergreen trees and is resistant to droughts and air pollutants like salt. Because of this, and because their shallow root system opens them up to root rot in intense heat, these trees are best in coastal cities or other locations with mild climates.

2. Green Giant Thuja

Green Giant Thuja trees are popular privacy screens for warm-climate homeowners with medium-sized backyards. This fast-growing tree can reach 40 feet but remains manageable because of its average eight-foot width maximum. Additionally, the Green Giant Thuja is resistant to all heat elements, including dry heat, humidity, and drought. 

One downside to the Green Giant Thuja is that it’s a common source of sustenance for wildlife like deer. But on the other hand, these trees resist insects better than most plant life.

3. Cherry Blossom Trees

The clear advantage of cherry blossom trees is their aesthetic benefits. Their thick blossoms and 20-foot height work wonders to block the view of your outdoor areas, but they’re also gorgeous enhancements that will make your time spent outside even better. 

However, as pleasant as cherry blossom trees are to look at, they are equally challenging to maintain. These trees need six hours of direct sunlight every day and high-quality, well-draining soil to grow healthy. But if you’re an experienced arborist or have access to professional tree services, you can keep your cherry blossom trees growing and reap their benefits.

4. Spartan Juniper

The Spartan Juniper is one of the most popular fast-growing privacy trees for beginner planters. Because these trees require dry soil, they’ll keep growing with nothing more than natural rainfall. Additionally, Spartan Junipers are resistant to extreme hot and cold temperatures, so they fit well with homes in just about every climate. 

Spartan Junipers are smaller than the trees listed above at 15 feet tall and about four feet wide, but they’re dense when appropriately grown and make an excellent privacy screen for small backyards.

Bring Privacy to Your Virginia Yard Today With Woods Tree and Landscaping

If you’re ready to bring fast-growing privacy trees to your home, there’s no better team to call than Woods Tree and Landscaping. Our tree care specialists will help you find ideal natural privacy screens and set them up to grow quickly and beautifully. 

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